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Will learning to code help you get a job?

Coding isn’t just for the likes of Zuckerberg. Courses are popping up across the UK as employers demand digital skills

If you’ve ever accidentally leant on Ctrl+u on the keyboard and a box of random characters has appeared on the screen, then you’ll know what code looks like.

While these strings of letters, numbers and templates appear to many terrifyingly nonsensical, I’ve always been fascinated by how these symbols fit together to create a webpage. For those unfamiliar with coding – front-end is what the user will see, as it generally refers to everything user-facing.

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Was Yoda a medieval monk? It takes a museum curator to tell you

What is it like to take 36,000 people to work with you? Social media opens up the secret world of solitary jobs

Until the arrival of social media, being a curator at the British Library remained a solitary, out of the way job. In many ways it still is for Julian Harrison, curator of pre-1600 historical manuscripts. Behind the scenes he cares for the priceless collections that include copies of Beowulf, some of the world’s oldest Bibles, the Lindisfarne Gospels and the state papers of Henry VIII. He curates exhibitions such as the current Magna Carta: law, liberty, legacy. The difference for Harrison these days is that he does all this with a virtual audience of thousands.

Harrison has been working at the British Library since 2006. “I can’t think of how we could have communicated what we do back then apart from an occasional story in the media,” he says. The shift began in 2010 when the library started an experimental blog to chart the digitisation of the Greek manuscripts. “It was a niche thing for a niche audience,” he adds.

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Turn your virtual fun into a career: nine ways to get a gaming career

Don’t call yourself an expert and tailor your application to specific studios, advise our gaming panel

1. You don’t need to go to university, but it helps

In gaming there are zero issues with being self-taught, says Aj Grand-Scrutton, chief executive of Dlala Studios. “A lot of my team, including me, could code a long time before we went to university. Some will argue university is the best way to learn but I’ve definitely learned more through programming at home then I ever did at university.”

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Mindfulness meditation can boost your career and help you get a job

Searching for inner peace at work? A Buddhist monk who teaches meditation to Google staff shares his tips for a mindful career

Like yoga before it, mindfulness is the latest eastern practice to go thoroughly mainstream in the west. Classes are offered by the NHS for mental wellbeing and schools are teaching it to help pupils stay calm and focus on their studies. So what can it offer the workplace and can it help your career?

Gelong Thubten has been a Tibetan Buddhist monk for more than 20 years. He teaches monthly classes at Google’s headquarters in Dublin and says there are three ways that mindfulness can help you at work.

A sense of tolerance and non-prejudice are essential for any workplace to function

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What are your craziest job interview stories?

Whether you accidentally attached a naked picture to your CV or walked into the stationary cupboard, we want to hear your interview faux pas

We’ve all experienced an embarrassing job interview, but some are definitely worse than others. From attaching a full-frontal naked picture on your CV to crashing head first into a filing cabinet, can you top these catastrophic blunders?

We want to hear your quirkiest interview stories. Whether you accidentally exited through the stationary cupboard, or were so nervous you tried to climb out the window – share your wildest job interview faux pas with us. After the debacle, did you turn it around? And, most importantly, did you get the job?

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