Announcing the new Blackboard App Catalog

The Blackboard Partnerships team is excited to announce the launch of the brand-new Blackboard App Catalog—a comprehensive collection of integrations for Blackboard Learn. Nearly a year-long in the making, the new App Catalog represents a quality culmination of partner input, client feedback, solution evaluation, implementation planning, workflow testing, and data population.  

Why We Did It: 

Partner integrations continue to play a critical and vital role within the Blackboard Learn ecosystem, and we’ve always strived to maintain a current and detailed inventory of our partners and their available integrations. The new App Catalog directly enables our partner community to manage their own App listings—ultimately providing our clients with a current, comprehensive, and detailed list of available integrations across all flavors of Blackboard Learn. 

How It Works: 

  • All Partners in the Blackboard Partnerships Program are listed on the App Catalog Partners page and are able to submit detailed information for each of their “Apps” (integrations) to the App Catalog. Submitted Apps are reviewed by the Blackboard App Catalog team and appear in the App Catalog upon approval.  
  • The App Catalog enables anyone to browse, search, or filter the Apps by integration type (LTI + REST, Building Block, Partner Cloud) or Category (Accessibility, Admin/Support Tool, Assessment, Classroom Tool, Consulting/Dev Services, Content, Data Insights, Multimedia, Safety/Security, SIS/System Integrator) 
  • The new Blackboard App Catalog uses OpenChannel—an experienced provider of LMS integration marketplace solutions in the educational space. 

What It’s For: 

As our partner community continues to expand, and our clients navigate their transitions from the Original to Ultra experience of Blackboard Learn, partner integrations are more important than ever before. Our partners and clients deserved a scalable, dynamic, and comprehensive resource for partner integrations – and we’ve delivered. 

It Will Continue to Expand and Grow: 

The new Blackboard App Catalog confirms our continued investment in the expansion of our partner integration ecosystem, commitment to client transparency, and ongoing support of our transition to Blackboard Learn Ultra. With an updated FAQ page coming soon and new Partners and Apps being added weekly, the Blackboard App Catalog is a valuable resource that will only improve as it grows. 

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