We’ve Created a New Group Focused On Your Experience

Last year I asked our leadership team a question that had been on my mind: how do we ensure that our clients have a great experience working with us today, and in the future? This conversation led to some deep reflection, and the development of a new group here at Blackboard. I’m excited to announce the newly formed Global Client Experience Organization (GCX).  

With my new group, we’re approaching working together in a new way. Leveraging the large number of team members with experience in education, we’re set up to map to your institution in a new way. Members of our team are focused on supporting the roles within your institution—educators, instructional design, LMS administrator, and so on.  

We believe GCX will help us exceed your current and future expectations for how we work together. As we get up and running, we hope to understand how we can better partner with you, meeting you where you are in your journey. We are thinking critically about how we can work together on initiatives that support faculty, leadership, and students.

The purpose of GCX is to enhance your experience with Blackboard.  We will make it easy for you to engage us, and we will be in a better position to partner with you as we work through your challenges and objectives.  We are an organization that was designed with you in mind, and we look forward to becoming your indispensable partner. 

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